As the trends all show, and as everyone is well aware, video consumption is rising on mobile devices. But the TV set remains king of longer-form video viewing. Netflix reported last year that 70% of its streams end up on connected TVs, as opposed to phones, tablets or PCs, and YouTube has also reported that connected TVs are

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Facebook’s vision of creating an alternative currency that will better connect the world through its platforms could face some significant challenges in take-up – and that’s before you consider the regulatory concerns already raised by officials. In order to measure the public’s interest in Facebook’s coming Libra currency, and whether people actually intend on using it, messaging

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. Critical reception: The Great Hack currently has a score of 68 on Metacritic. At the Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan writes that “it both explains and offers a warning shot about the misuse of personal data and how that influenced past elections and might well do so in the future.” How to watch it: The Great Hack is streaming on Netflix.

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I believe communities are essential for businesses. When I heard Mark Zuckerberg say, “Groups are at the heart of the experience” at the 2019 F8 conference, I wondered, “What’s Mark’s real objective here?” Today, I’d like to explore whether marketers, creators, or businesses should entrust their communities to Facebook.But first, a story. Back in the Day…

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