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Things are pretty upended right now so we are here to help! We have the perfect resources for homeschooling, teaching, or just entertaining your kids. 

Grade 3

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Grade 4

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Grade 7

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Grade 9

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Grade 12

A large group of past matrics from schools from all over the country have come together to assist where they can.
They have created a Google form where matrics can sign up for what help they need in specific subjects.
A passed matric will then contact them and set up lessons via Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype.
This is all completely FREE as they are trying their best to make sure the class of 2020 stays the class of 2020.
Any matrics if you need help fill in the form below and we will assist you in every-way we can.

Study the environment and environmental science with this category of free eBooks. For instance, learn more about waste water treatment and atmospheric pollution.

Promoting digital competency in line with the
fourth industrial revolution


This platform provides the right tools, resources and preparation materials to certify or qualify in international IT certifications and local qualifications. The training platform includes vendor backed curricula with very exciting features promoting advancement in all IT related careers, from digital literacy to Azure management and everything in between.

Bitesize: Mabel, Sir David Attenborough and Liam Payne help you learn

Remote Learning Activities

The home is a powerful learning environment.

When teachers and families work together, students are more successful. The following activities are designed for learning at home by integrating the home environment, family relationships, students’ interests, and learning moments that happen in everyday life.

Get Creative

Art & Crafts 

National Geographic Kids magazine

We’re giving you more access to resources you need!

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“Here at National Geographic Kids magazine, we understand that the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus is tough on both kids and parents, and so we want to help by keeping children entertained and educated.”

The team hope that their exciting content will engage and inspire kids about the outside world – even when they’re stuck inside.

Click here for the English version or here for the Afrikaans version.

We’re giving you more access to resources you need!

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Talking to your kids about Coronavirus? Check out the content created for Peace Home kids Facebook page