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5 Habits for Successful Social Media Managers

5 Habits for Successful Social Media Managers in 2021

The social media landscape is changing so rapidly, and over time, it’s getting harder and harder to build an effective, engaged digital community, even in our hyper-connected world. 

Three billion people – around 40% of the world’s population – now use social media, spending an average of two hours every day sharing, liking, tweeting and updating on these platforms. As an example of the true scope of that activity, there are currently around half a million tweets and Snapchat photos shared every minute.

And not only are social media usage rates showing no sign of slowing down, but it’s also now evolving so quickly that the tactics of yesteryear, even yesterday, are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Given this, there’s a lot on the plate of the modern social media manager – and amid these shifts, we’re also seeing higher rates of burnout and stress due to the expectation of constant connection, ongoing analysis, strategic revision, etc. 

It’s worth taking a step back for a moment to consider how you can best manage each aspect. To help you get focused, and keep you healthy, in 2021, I recommend adopting these five habits:

1. Focus on building a community, not just an audience  

Social media isn’t just about grabbing attention and growing an audience. It’s also about building an engaged online community. 

As social media managers, we have to know inside and out who we want in our communities, and what they want to hear from us. This is often why social media content falls flat – it lacks purpose and reason, and connection to its target audience. Basically, it’s just promotion, traditional ad and marketing collateral in a new format. 

Now, you may say ‘well, we want to engage everyone, everyone with a pulse needs to be a part of our online community’. 

Let’s get real for a second. Your mission and your message is not going to resonate with every single person. If you’re a small business or nonprofit organization dealing with a niche issue or a local problem, you have to face the fact that your online community will be a lot smaller than a national organization.

My best advice is to nail down who your choir is – and preach to it. If the choir is singing together in harmony, they’ll bring others in and share your gospel. Leverage your current community members to bring others into the fold.

Every day, go into your communities (let’s stop calling them platforms) and see what’s working. Answer comments and questions, be present, and don’t over automate.  Always be learning about your community and what they’re most interested in, what moves them, what drives them, what inspires them.

Create content just for them and more will follow from there.

2. Set a timer

How much time do you have to spend on social media? Is this 100% of your job, or just 10%? The best way to determine how much time social media management is going to take is to clarify how much time you have to devote to it.

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