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Facebook Dark Mode is Now Being Tested with a Small Percentage of Mobile Users

Facebook Dark Mode is Now Being Tested with a Small Percentage of Mobile Users

Yes, it’s coming.

Facebook has confirmed that some users are now able to switch to dark mode in the mobile app.

Facebook dark mode on iOS

As you can see in these screenshots, posted by user @NotFridayCraig on Twitter (and shared by Matt Navarra), for those who can access it, dark mode now appears as an option in your Facebook app settings. 

We asked Facebook for confirmation, and they told us that it is indeed now out in the world, though only for “a small percentage of users globally right now”.

Dark mode options have a very dedicated fandom – we regularly get asked by our readers for updates on dark mode, in various apps, though we are getting the point where most now facilitate an official dark mode option.


Indeed, within Facebook’s family of apps alone, dark mode is already available on Messenger, in Facebook Lite, on WhatsApp, and Instagram. Facebook even added dark mode to its recently expanded desktop app refresh.

Facebook dark mode on desktop

As such, it’s somewhat surprising that it’s taken this long to add dark mode to the mobile app, but there are technical considerations, especially when you factor in Facebook’s need to cater to billions of users in different regions, with differing levels of connectivity and capacity.

But, it does seem like dark mode is very close now. So, if you’ve been on the edge of your seat, waiting for the option to appear every time you update your Facebook app, you may soon get your wish.

We’ll provide any further news as it comes to hand.

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