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Instagram Publishes New Guide to Help Businesses Make Best Use of the Platform Amid COVID-19

Instagram Publishes New Guide to Help Businesses Make Best Use of the Platform Amid COVID-19

Instagram has published a new COVID-19 playbook for businesses, which outlines a range of ways in which brands and marketers can make best use of the platform’s various tools to help maintain connection with their audiences, and maximize performance, during the global pandemic.

The guide includes both specific tips on what you should be looking to use Instagram’s functions for, as well as ‘how to’ overviews for each element.

The first section of the guide looks specifically at how brands can ‘take action during COVID-19’ by utilizing the available tools, including notes on Instagram Live, IGTV and Stories.

Instagram COVID-19 guide

These are some good pointers and considerations – and while Instagram only touches on the various considerations, the guide also provides various real-world examples that you can check out for further inspiration.

The guide then provides more specific explainers on each of the platform’s key elements, with tips and idea breakouts on each, providing extra food for thought.

Instagram COVID-19 playbook

It’s a handy explainer, which is mostly aimed at sparking your own thinking, as opposed to giving you a prescriptive rundown of what you should be doing. And there’s a range of options that you may not have considered, and notes on how you can utilize them to maintain connection with your business audiences via the app.

Instagram COVID-19 guide

The guide is relatively brief – just 13 pages – but it packs a lot of good prompts in, and is worth checking out, even if you’re confident that you’re covering all your bases in the app.

There might be something you hadn’t thought of, a simple pointer that gets you thinking.

Also worth noting – Facebook released a similar guide earlier in the month


The guide’s listed in Instagram’s new COVID-19 Resource Directory, which you can also access here. The directory includes a listing of the various Instagram posts and guides on how to make best use of the platform during the crisis.

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Download here:

COVID-19 playbook for business

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