#ImStaying and Zapper Join Forces

#ImStaying and Zapper have joined forces to provide relief for small businesses in and around South Africa by using Zapper’s state of the art voucher technology system.

Jarette Petzer, CEO and Founder of #ImStaying explained why this is an important collaboration from #ImStaying.  

“A major drive of #ImStaying is to assist and stimulate small business during this exceedingly difficult time of Covid-19 and the Lockdown.  We understand and appreciate that small businesses have been dramatically affected by the lockdown limitations put in place to reduce the spread of this virus.  We assessed a number of ways to assist small businesses.  Our collaboration with Zapper has provided us fantastic platform to be of much needed assistance.  The service is 100% zero rated, which means there is no cost to small businesses and no risk.”

Brett White CEO of Zapper says, “Zapper is extremely fortunate to have so many amazing merchants who have been incredibly loyal to us for many years.  We needed to do something to help ease the financial impact the lockdown will inevitably have on them.  We are so proud of the South African community for their incredible generosity in support of their favourite local businesses, and we’re very excited to be partnering with #ImStaying to spread the word and grow the support of these great businesses, they need all the help they can get.”

By using Zapper technology, we are able to seamlessly provide vouchers and donations for small businesses, all already on the national geofence.

Website: www.imstaying.co.za


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Joanita Van Wyk: media@imstaying.co.za

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