Suddenly Teaching Online? Free Resources to Help Faculty Affected by Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has put schools across the world in an unprecedented position, compelling many to quickly transition from traditional, in-person education to an online experience. This is a new skill for most, so the degree of change can’t be overstated, yet faculty are focused on getting it right so they continue to provide a great educational experience for their students.

With feedback from the 17-institution University of North Carolina System, we’ve identified courses that demystify teaching online — everything from leading practices for online teaching to EdTech tools like Canvas to collaboration software like Microsoft Teams. We’ve decided to make these courses free to all LinkedIn members.

“Teaching during times of disruption requires adapting normal teaching practices and remarkable flexibility,” said UNC System Vice President for Digital Learning Jim Ptaszynski. “The process will feel unfamiliar, awkward, and in many cases frustrating. But, with some preparation, and lots of patience, these online tools will help us get through this challenging situation. We have tried to strike the right balance between providing the essentials to avoid overwhelming those who are new to online teaching, while providing enough detail to help them ramp up to online teaching quickly and efficiently.”

These courses are now free to all members and customers. They are:

Leading practices for teaching online.

How educators can best use common collaboration tools.

How to use common edtech tools.

The UNC System also shared additional resources as well to help faculty with the transition.

Additionally, we’ve also unlocked 16 courses that can help students, staff and faculty stay engaged and productive when working or studying remotely. They cover topics like time management when working from homeexecutive presence on video conference calls and Microsoft Teams tips and tricks.

We acknowledge these courses alone won’t solve this challenge, but we hope it’s part of the solution. And, to the educators out there in the midst of this transition – thank you. What you do each day is important and your focus on continuing to provide a great experience for your students online is inspiring. 

LinkedIn is here to help you navigate the changing world of work with information and resources, including free and relevant LinkedIn Learning courses to help.

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