Working from home? Mindscape app combats anxiety, depression & feelings of isolation

Given many of us are working from home and social distancing, having support is more important than ever. There are numerous apps to help positivity. According to research by Accenture, people in the UK are increasingly turning to tech to help them look after their mental health. Around 39 per cent of people said they were using such tools as online services, apps and wearables to manage their stress, improve sleep and boost their mental wellbeing.

Mindscape is a mental health app launched by creative agency Cult in 2018, that combines voice technology, artificial intelligence and science-led music therapy in one handy app. Developed in consultation with mental health charity Mind, the app is aimed at people dealing with panic attacks or anxiety.

“Mindscape is free to use and was a total passion project,” says Cat Turner, co-founder and CCO at Cult.

“Developed in partnership with Mind we wanted to create a platform that targeted anxiety and depression. In these worrying and disorientating times we should all leverage every support tool available to stay positive. I am proud of the work that we did with Mind and hope Mindscape can continue to help combat anxiety and isolation in any way possible.”

The voice app talks people through relaxing breathing exercises, before asking them questions about their current emotional state. It can offer practical tips for managing work, money, education and sleep and also has bespoke soundscapes tailored to the person using the app.

“Mind is delighted to have been working with Cult to develop Mindscape,” says Lynette Charles, CEO of Mind.

“We must ensure that we continue to raise awareness within our communities, Mental Health is everyone’s business and we need to all reach out to our family, friends and colleagues. Around one in four of us will face a mental health problem every year, which makes apps like Mindscape so important.”

You can use Mindscape through your Amazon Alexa device at homeDownload on Amazon Alexa here.

Other apps include:

HealthUnlocked Communities: One difficult part of dealing with any health issue is feeling isolated and alone. HealthUnlocked Communities wants to solve this. It’s like a social network of communities, linked by health. Different communities focus on different areas from exercise to anxiety. These communities provide a space for people to meet others going through similar issues, enabling them to receive emotional support in return. Charities and patient organisations monitor the different communities too, to ensure people are sharing the right information. Download on App Store.

Moodrise: New wellness app Moodrise is all about ‘digital nutrition’: using positive content to help alleviate pain, boost emotional resilience and improve experiences. The app focuses on six popular mood states, including confidence, focus and happiness, and the related neurotransmitters that lead to that mood state. Content has been specifically created to help deliver the desired chemical reaction in the brain, backed by scientific research. The idea is that people can proactively manage their mental health through “digital pills” to help them enhance their own emotional resilience. Download on App Store and Google Play Store.

Headspace: Headspace is one of the best apps out there when it comes to mindfulness and meditation, with 62 million people across the world using the app to improve their mental health. Studies have shown that Headspace can improve focus, compassion and reduce aggression. During the corona virus shutdown Headspace is adding a new “Weathering the storm” collection of meditation and mindfulness content that will be free to access. It includes topics focusing on navigating change, reframing anxiety and advice for difficult times. Download on App Store and Google Play Store.


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