The History of Social Media [Infographic]

It’s amazing to consider just how significant social media has become in our everyday lives.

In a relatively short period of time, social media apps have evolved from cool, interesting toys, primarily used by young people, into key interactive platforms, connecting people to products, people and services in an ever-increasing range of ways.

And while the growth of – and reliance on – social has come with some negative elements, it’s hard to imagine social platforms not existing.

In that context, this new infographic from the team at PostBeyond is particularly interesting. The graphic provides an overview of the evolution of social media, marking key milestones which have lead to its meteoric growth. 

Seeing the growth highlights logged in the list underlines, once again, just how much has changed in the last two decades. 

It’s also an interesting prompt to consider your own experience – how different would your life be if social platforms no longer existed?

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