Local is Lekker App

A Cape Town based initiative, inspired by the need for a one-stop directory app, promoting local businesses within the community in an authentic South African way.

Simon Winter, the founder and developer of the ‘Local is Lekker’ app with over 25 years of experience and networking in the sales and restaurant industries, recognized that most local businesses find it challenging and expensive to advertise and market themselves, as word of mouth can take years to materialize.

We have created a platform that offers an inexpensive marketing opportunity for our many local communities with the potential to reach out and connect. Understanding the business benefits that other media platforms offer, the questions are still posed daily “Who knows a good …..?”, “Anyone recommend a….” etc.

We are now providing you with an easy access platform to find all your local businesses and services.

With community and charity being the core values of the Local is Lekker App , it was Simon’s drive to make this an affordable platform for all, maximizing the opportunity for businesses and organizations to increase their revenue whilst providing the community with a user friendly portal to stay connected.

Supporting your Locals is always Lekker!

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