FaceBook Hack

Hackers are Looking to Sell Private Facebook Information, Another Facebook Data Issue

Facebook is facing questions over yet another data breach, with the BBCreporting that a hacker group has published private messages from more than 81,000 Facebook users’ accounts, while it claims to have access to 120 million profiles. The group is attempting to sell the information via the dark web. Facebook, which has reportedly been investigating the […]

Facebook just had its worst hack ever — and it could get worse

New York (CNN)On Sunday, September 16, engineers at Facebook detected some unusual activity on the social media platform’s networks. It was an attack, the biggest security breach in Facebook’s history. And it would take the company 11 more days to stop it. Now, almost a week since the public was first told of the attack, we […]

How to Use Facebook Pages for Business [Infographic]

With more than 2.2 billion users, Facebook has become pretty much an essential for all businesses. While the platform’s algorithm shifts are not ideal, and have made it increasingly difficult to reach a wide audience with your Facebook content, the fact that more than 2 billion searches are conducted via The Social Network every day underlines the need for businesses […]

National WebMistress Day recognizes women in web development.

A WebMistress is a woman who designs, develops, markets and maintains websites. While the term has existed since the mid-1990s, it officially entered technology’s lexicon in June of 1995 when Kat Valentine secured the domain name WebMistress.com and began web development under the job title WebMistress. The previously existing WebMaster had arrived on the scene as early […]

How to Hack Your Brain for Insane Focus and Productivity

The science-backed tips to destroy distractions and stay productive in the digital age. Studies indicate that most of us have incredibly short attention spans (in fact, some have found that we have shorter attention spans than goldfish), and it’s only getting worse. So, in today’s world of constant digital bombardment and work demands, how do you […]

Local is Lekker App

A Cape Town based initiative, inspired by the need for a one-stop directory app, promoting local businesses within the community in an authentic South African way. Simon Winter, the founder and developer of the ‘Local is Lekker’ app with over 25 years of experience and networking in the sales and restaurant industries, recognized that most […]

Facebook Releases Updated Privacy Tools and Settings

Facebook Releases Updated Privacy Tools and Settings

After a flood of criticism stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has this week released its updated privacy tools and settings, which are in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will apply to all users across the world (with some regional variations). And they do comply with the new, higher privacy standards […]